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Sep 01
So, what do you see? 

So, what do you see? 

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    I remember when…I remember when I lost my mind.
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    cat skull. with a very apathetic/disgruntled toothy fish inside.
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    a Sontaran (did I spell that right?)
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    Some kind of grotesque beetle. With giant, deformed limbs.
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    A Platypus sat on a mouses head.
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    I see a head-on shot of a wasp. With a Fu Manchu ‘stashe.
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    OH SWEET FUCKING JEGUS CHEL NOW I SEE HIM TOO TT^TT Well, that’s either the High Subjugglator I’m seeing, or just...
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    Skull with a beard.
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    Headless woman in a dress beside two ducks!!
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    a crab in a forest on top of a giant crab
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    A german shepard.
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    ^from suite life on deck right?
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    Some sort of dog??
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    A demon-y thing… or a very scary spider face.
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    i see a weird little demon. i also see two clowns crawling up the side of a hill. but the demon is predominant. i always...
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    A beard (black) and a space invader (white). hmm ok
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    frog on a lillipad.
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    Two clowns with broken spines eating a very elaborate cake
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    I see like…a bear head with spider-esque legs and it’s pulling itself out onto the big puddle of black blood.
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    I see an evil overlord mouse wearing a cape and laughing maniacally into the sky on top of the head of a cat he enslaved...
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    I see a bunch of trees with a temple and a body of water. Like the Taj Mahal or something.
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    i see a roaring lion
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    I see Plo Koon.
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    An angel and a hunter blowing each other in an Impala while a moose watches.
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    A horse leaping out of darkness. I love these, I must say.
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